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NIH Other Support



The below information is provided by the UC San Diego HS SPPO Other Support page. 
  • The NIH announced changes to the Other Support documents. Use of the new forms is requested for applications, progress reports, JIT, post-submission/award that are due on or after May 25, 2021 and is required for applications, progress reports, JIT, post-submission/award due on or after January 25, 2022.

  •  If it is due prior to January 25, 2022, then you will continue to use the current formats, but if you are submitting for the February 5, 2022 deadline, but submitting prior to January 25, 2022, it is required you use the new forms. 

  •  In early FY 2022, investigators will be able to utilize SciENcv  to help develop their Other Support which will automatically format according to NIH requirements.

  • An updated Other Support FAQ section is now available for additional information. 

Instructions and Example

Electronic Digital Signature Support

Per, NIH Requirements: Other Support submissions must be submitted as a flattened PDF, after all signatures are obtained. Recipients and applicants may use the electronic signature software of their choice, and in alignment with their institutional practices. A typed name is not an electronic signature and is not acceptable.

UC San Diego accepts two options for providing electronic signature on the Other Support: Adobe Acrobat and Docusign. Below, FRST has provided step-by-step instructions for each option, as well as how to flatten the PDF. 

Instructions for Signing PDF with Adobe

Instructions for Signing PDF with DocuSign

Instructions to Flatten a PDF 

Additional Resources

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