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Teaching Divisions


Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Thumbnail_biostats_index pageFaculty of the division have research interests in design and analysis of clinical trials, observational studies, and biomarker studies, including such areas as longitudinal models, lifetime data analysis, “big” and high dimensional data analysis, image analysis, causal inference and survey statistics.Learn More.

Climate and Environmental Sciences

globalhealthdiscipline.pngClimate and Environmental Sciences involves the examination of different factors in our environment and their relation to the health and well-being of individuals and populations. The concentration in climate and environmental sciences allows students the opportunity to gain further understanding into the presence of environmental and climate risk factors, as well as strategies for assessing, treating and preventing health conditions related to these factors. In addition, this concentration offers coursework required for graduate training in climate and environmental sciences, and provides students with an interdisciplinary framework of this field, with courses offered from biology, chemistry, global health, mathematics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and urban studies and planning. Learn more.

Community Health Services and Preventive Medicine

2021-Consulate-Vaccines.jpgThe aim of community health is to understand the foundational components of a shared geographical area and role of community structures in promoting healthy lifestyles. Preventive medicine is a specialized field of medical practice composed of distinct disciplines; public health and preventive medicine, aerospace medicine, and occupational medicine, which utilize skills focusing on defined populations.


MADURA_Student.pngWe are one of the leading epidemiology units in the United States, and demonstrate particular strength in studies of women's health, geriatrics and the epidemiology of a variety of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer. Learn more.

Global Health

2-2022-Shakya-Agency-for-All-1.jpegGlobal Health combines the expertise of faculty from a variety of public health backgrounds to improve the health of populations in the global context. With our proximity to the United States-Mexico border, we are particularly interested in border health and the health of refugees. We are also actively involved with refugee communities in San Diego and abroad. Learn more.

Health Behavior

behavmedhomepage.pngWe are committed to advancing behavioral science for the purpose of improving health and reducing health disparities, and supporting our members in their career advancement and in pursuit of excellence and leadership in their research, practice, teaching, policy and service activities related to behavioral science and health. Learn more.

Health Policy

4-2022-HWSPH-McMenamin-Class-FMPH-405-39.jpgWe are dedicated to using health policy, health economics, behavioral and statistical research to improve public health policy decision making and promote health and well-being of all people. Learn more.


Public Mental Health

211126PublicHealthDSC_7184UCSanDiegoErikjepsen.jpgThe Public Mental Health concentration aims to train students to recognize and address mental health issues at a population level, and to understand the relationship between mental and physical health. The core competencies include applying epidemiological methods to current public mental health issues; assessing public health care systems in the context of specific mental illnesses among specific populations; promoting prevention and developing interventions for mental health across the lifecourse; evaluating public mental health interventions and programs to improve dissemination and implementation; and applying effective communication and management skills in engaging with stakeholders around addressing public mental health issues. Learn more.

Technology and Precision Health

technologyandprecisionhealth-edandteaching-1.pngThe Technology and Precision Health concentration offers in-depth educational training in an area of public health that is a pressing need: how to use cutting-edge technologies to address public health issues. Through this concentration, students would learn how to engage in precision health research and practice. Students would consider how to appropriately apply technological advances to strengthen preventive health, improve access to health care, and reach disadvantaged populations in all areas of the world. Learn more.