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The Public Mental Health concentration aims to train students to recognize and address mental health issues at a population level, and to understand the relationship between mental and physical health. The core competencies include applying epidemiological methods to current public mental health issues; assessing public health care systems in the context of specific mental illnesses among specific populations; promoting prevention and developing interventions for mental health across the lifecourse; evaluating public mental health interventions and programs to improve dissemination and implementation; and applying effective communication and management skills in engaging with stakeholders around addressing public mental health issues.


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Suzi Hong, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Mentoring - Division Lead


Wael Al-Delaimy, MD, PhD, Professor
Angela Bazzi, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor
Kerri Boutelle, PhD, Professor
Haley Ciborowski, PhD, Lecturer
Elizabeth Eikey, PhD, Assistant Professor
Ariel Lang, MD, MPH, Professor, Secondary Appointed
Becky Marquez, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor 
Borsika Rabin, PhD, Pharm D, MPH, Associate Professor
Deepa Sannidhi, MD, Assistant Professor, Secondary Appointment
Shu-Hong Zhu, PhD, Professor