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Health Equity and Global Health Justice studies how to broaden conceptions of well-being, redress histories of inequitable knowledge valuation and advance systems-level change to advance global justice and equity.

Rebecca Fielding-Miller, PhD, MSPH, Associate Professor - Program Director

Academic members:

Tala Al-Rousan, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor
Cheryl Anderson, PhD, MPH, Professor and Dean
Happy Araneta, PhD, MPH, Professor, Secondary Appointed, Associate Dean fo Diversity and Community Partnerships
Holly Baker Shakya, PhD, Associate Professor
Kimberly Brouwer, PhD, Professor, Associate Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Joseph Caperna, MD, Associate Physician Diplomate
Chadwick Campbell, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor
Crystal Wiley Cené, MD, MPH, Professor, Secondary Appointed
Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, Professor, Secondary Appointed
Richard Garfein, PhD, MPH, Professor
Mara Harrell, PhD, MS, Teaching Professor
Eric Hekler, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Community Partnerships
Samantha Hurst, PhD, Professor
Georgia Kayser, PhD, MALD, BS, Assistant Professor
Sydney Leibel, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Secondary Appointed 
Becky Marquez, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor
Maria Elena Martinez, PhD, Professor
France Nguyen-Grozavu, PhD, MPH, Lecturer
Heather Pines, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor
Borsika Rabin, PhD, PharmD, MPH, Associate Professor
Ramya M. Rajagopalan, PhD, Assistant Professor
David Strong, PhD, Professor
Dennis Trinidad, PhD, MPH, Professor and Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Mentoring 
Christine Zoumas-Morse, MS, RD, Lecturer

Staff members:
Martha Anderson, JD, Dean's Chief of Staff
Julie Denenberg
Ramona Pindus
Robert Wood
Frances Reyes Yee

Research Labs

Tala Al-Rousan Research Lab logo Led by Tala Al-Rousan, MD, MPH, the Displacement and Health Research Center focuses on studying displacement as a social determinant of health. The lab's research centers on equity to guide clinical and public health intervention development and guides policies related to displaced populations. It is the first-of-its-kind at UC San Diego to be composed of refugee, first-generation, immigrant, and other under-represented trainees diversifying the next generation of scientists in health research. Trainees will be future physicians, public health professionals, academics, and social justice advocates devoted to bettering the lives of displaced populations worldwide. Learn more.

Led by Wael Al-Delaimy, MD, PhD, the mission of the  Global Mental Health Initiative (GMHI) at the UC San Diego  Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science is to advance the recognition, prevention and care of global mental illnesses with a special focus in the Arab countries that are disproportionately suffering from wars, trauma and other risk factors for these illnesses. Learn more.

The Anderson Lab is led by Cheryl Anderson, PhD, MPH, MS. Dr. Anderson's research focuses on nutrition and chronic disease prevention in underserved populations using observational epidemiologic study designs, randomized clinical trials, and implementation science. Learn More.

Led by Dr. Rebecca Fielding-Miller, the lab conducts community-centered research that prioritizes transparency, empathy and health equity. Their goal is to amplify marginalized voices using rigorous scientific methods. The lab creates evidence that reflects the priorities and lived experiences of marginalized communities and develops interventions that address structural drivers of COVID-19, HIV and gender-based violence. Learn More.

MIHALogo2_12082021-002.pngThe MIHA Program, led by Becky Marquez, PhD, MPH, is a randomized control trial testing the efficacy of a behavioral weight management intervention with brief and structured counseling on family functioning. The intervention is linguistically and culturally adapted to support familism, biculturalism, and communication competencies in Mexican American families.  Mothers and adult daughters will attend 24 weekly sessions consisting of nutrition and physical activity education, behavior modification techniques, and relationship skills training. Learn More.

Center on gender equity logoLed by Holly Baker Shakya, PhD, and Rebecka Lundgren, MPH, PhD Agency for All is an international, multi-institutional effort to better understand and promote agency for individuals, communities and local organizations in low- and middle-income countries. 

Holly Baker is also co-PI on Tipping Point, a large 4.5 year grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to study the impact of a social network based intervention to promote family planning use among married adolescents in rural Niger. Learn More.

Center of Excellence

The mission of the Health Promotion and Equity Center of Excellence (COE) is to build and advance the science of health behavior change and to eliminate health disparities based on personal or environmental factors.

The Health Promotion and Equity COE brings together UC San Diego researchers and community collaborators to facilitate scholarly exchange, obtain funding for large program projects and influential research, establish and operate a training program for the next generation of investigators, and promote community/academic partnerships for research and dissemination. Learn more.