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Division of Health Behavior

We are committed to advancing behavioral science for the purpose of improving health, reducing health disparities and supporting our members in their career advancement and in pursuit of excellence. We're also committed to leadership in our member's research, practice, teaching, policy and service activities related to health and behavioral science.

Education & Training

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Kerri Boutelle, PhD, Professor - Division Lead


Cinnamon Bloss, PhD, Professor and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH, Associate Professor
Chadwick Campbell, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Eikey, PhD, Assistant Professor
Rebecca Fielding-Miller, PhD, MSPH, Associate Professor
Erik Groessl, PhD, Professor
Sheri Hartman, PhD, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Research
Eric Hekler, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Community Partnerships
Suzi Hong, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Mentoring
Samantha Hurst, PhD, Professor
Britta Larsen, PhD, Associate Professor
Becky Marquez, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor 
Divya Reddy, MD, Associate Professor
Sally Romero, PhD, MPH, Lecturer
Deepa Sannidhi, MD, Assistant Professor, Secondary Appointment
Matthew Stone, PhD, Assistant Professor
David Strong, PhD, Professor
Stephen Waterman, MD, PhD, Professor
Shu-Hong Zhu, PhD, Professor
Christine Zoumas, MS, RD, Lecturer