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Talent A

  • Current Staff Title: SRA III
  • Has 28 years of experience all at UC San Diego.
  • This candidate has a Master’s degree in History of Science, Technology and Medicine.
  • Has worked for the entire time in this department on cardiovascular epidemiology, as well as on psychiatric epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology, environmental health, and clinical trials.
  • Specializes in research administration (including IRB submissions, annual reports such as RPPRs, setting up subcontracts, grant development, and budget oversight), data management (including QC of data entry, database creation and conversion), and data analysis in SAS (including simple statistics, chi-square, ancova, regression, logistic regression, cox models, and randomization), and the writing and editing of manuscripts and posters.
  • Has worked with Drs. Criqui, Allison, Suarez, Stein, Bradley, Checkoway, Anderson, and Rock.

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