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FAQs and Additional Resources


Who is the Program Director?
Linda Hill, MD, MPH

How many faculty are there?
Numerous, within both institutions, the University of California, San Diego, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science and San Diego State University, Graduate School of Public Health.

Where is the Program Administrative office located?
It is located at the UC San Diego in La Jolla.

Are there elective rotation options during the residency?
Yes; though we are not an occupational medicine program, some residents rotate in occupational medicine facilities. We are affiliated with the Toxicology Fellowship at UC San Diego, another option for electives. Residents in one "track" may rotate in another track as an electives.

Does your program sponsor visas?

Does you program accept applications from medical students?
No. Our program accepts applications from PGY1 and above that have completed 11 months of a clinical internship (direct patient care).

Can residents participate in a dual residency such as Occupational Medicine or Aerospace Medicine during the program?

Does USMLE Step III have to be completed to be considered for the program?
No, but USMLE Step III must be passed prior to start of the program.

Who are past and present residents of the program?
View the list of current and past residents.

Do all residents have to spend two years in the program, even if they already have an MPH?
Yes, the UC San Diego/San Diego State University GPMR is a two year residency irrespective of prior PH coursework.

Do all residents have to choose a 'track'?
While we strongly encourage residents to choose an area of concentration, some residents prefer a broader exposure to preventive medicine, such as general clinical preventive medicine. The program's outservice military residents generally are not in a 'track'.

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