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Education and Training Opportunities in Epidemiology



Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BS) - Concentration in Epidemiology

  • This concentration is a specialization within the Bachelor of Science in Public Health Program.
  • Students will acquire advanced epidemiological coursework beyond the UD epidemiology core course (FMPH 101) and from a variety of disciplines, such as anthropology, biology, global health and psychology.


 Master of Public Health (MPH) - Concentration in Epidemiology 

  • The Master of Public Health degree at UC San Diego provides instruction in the core public health disciplines, and collaborates with departments across campus to address key aspects of 21st century public health, including climate change and data science. 
  • The concentration in epidemiology consists of additional coursework in the following areas of epidemiology: advanced epidemiological methods, biostatistics, ethics in public health research and practice, cardiovascular disease epidemiology, infectious disease, and epidemiology of public mental health.

Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health - Epidemiology Track 

  • This program is offered by joint faculties of UC San Diego and San Diego State University
  • Doctoral students in the epidemiology track will gain advanced skills in epidemiological methods and practice, including: identifying the distribution and determinants of health and disease in populations, understanding and applying the principles of screening for diseases and risk factors, and developing systematic approach for planning, collecting, processing and analyzing information in research and practice settings.

Integrated Cardiovascular Epidemiology Fellowship - T32

  • This interdisciplinary training program is designed for predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows who have a stated commitment to a research career focusing on the epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease and behavioral medicine.

Improving the Health of Aging Women and Men - T32

  • This interdisciplinary training program is designed to train predoctoral and postdoctoral public health scientists devoted to improving the health of aging women and men and understanding sex differences. The program focuses on preparing researchers to conduct translational studies of factors affecting aging through the life course from middle-age to end of life.